The Good Friday Calendar 2017

Good Friday will be observed at April 14, 2017, it is recall traditionally as a day on which Jesus was put to death by nailing to a cross. Some people call it a ‘’Holy Friday, Black Friday or Easter Friday. Good Friday Calendar 2017It’s observed in the Friday of Easter Week. It’s a legal Holiday in many US states and in western countries including United Kingdom. In Germany, dancing and horse racing are prohibited acts on Good Friday as a sign of respect. Many People fast on this day and visit churches to offer special prayers.





There are many theories relating to Good Friday, the question is that why we call it Good Friday, instead it should be called the Sad Friday because Jesus was crucified on this day. But many school of thoughts said, the term ‘’Good’’ is used as Holly and many other thinks that the term Good is corruption of word God from old times. Regardless of the origin, the Good Friday 2017 is observed to remember the sacrifice Jesus did for our sins once for all. He is alive in spirit although died by body.



Good Friday Calendar         

March 25, 2016 Good Friday 2016 Friday
April 14, 2017 Good Friday 2017 Friday
March 30, 2018 Good Friday 2018 Friday
April 19, 2019 Good Friday 2019 Friday




Countries with Holiday on Good Friday


What do People do on Good Friday?

People in many countries observe the anniversary of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and death on Good Friday. This observance includes many people fasting and praying. Many churches arrange services to remember when Jesus Christ was hung on cross. Many churches even held re-enacting of the scene when Jesus Christ was crucified. Churches in countries, such as Belgium and Mexico, turned black in the memory of Jesus Christ suffering on cross. Many people in Poland fast on dry bread and roasted potatoes. Egg decorating is also important part of the Easter in Poland and many other countries.

Many Christian churches celebrate this day with a subdued service, sometimes within the evening, during which Christ’s death is remembered with solemn hymns, prayers of thanks giving, a message targeted on Christ’s suffering for our sakes. whether or not or not Christians opt to “celebrate” this day, the events of that day ought to be ever on our minds as a result of the death of Christ on the cross along together with his bodily resurrection is the predominant event of the Christian religion.

Good Friday in United Kingdom

In United Kingdom, people who usually attend the church will be attending churches with special services and prayers. For people who do not attend churches regularly it’s a holiday they use the day to work out in their gardens or home chores. While other went to vocations to take advantage of Easter week holidays.

Many catholic do not eat meat on this day, it is common to eat fish in some area of the country. Eating hot cross bun is tradition in some area.

Public Life

Good Friday is public Holiday in United Kingdom, many of the business and shops are closed on this day, though few of the small stores are stay opened. Horse racing is restricted on this day in United Kingdom. Public transport like trains, busses and taxis may run as usual or with changed timetable some time.





Good Friday in the United States

Some people may attend prayer vigils and special services in United State. This is the day of mourning and quite praying for many of the Christians. Statues and Cross may be draped in black, purple or gray cloths and candles are often extinguished on this day across the all churches in United State. People used to stay quiet and usually don’t turn on tv,radio or music players. Some people bake hot cross bun as a tradition.

It’s an another day for many American working, as its not a public holiday in United State. In very places workers are given with day off for Good Friday and many people took off by their self to observe this day.


Public Life

As it’s not a public holiday in US regular services continue according to schedule. Public transport may run as usual with same timetable. Some of the financial markets, school and colleges may closed on this day. Good Friday is state holiday in Hawaii where public offices are closed on this day.

Good Friday in Germany

In Germany Church Organ and bells are not played on this day. Instead musical rattles are played to start the special prayers and special services. Religious plays are held in open area in the church side. People use to eat fish instead of meat on this day and it is day of fasting for many Christian in Germany.


Public Life

It’s a public holiday in Germany therefore banks, post offices and educational institutes and other business organisations area closed on this day. Airports, railways stations and some tourist places stayed open though. Selling alcohol, performances in public and dancing are prohibited on this day in Germany.





Good Friday in Australia


In Australia this is another holiday for people in Easter Week. Churches observe this day in various ways. Churches may arrange long prayers vigils and special services. Many sporting events are held on this day in Australia. Three Peaks race in afternoon on Good Friday.

Public Life

Being a Public holiday all the schools, banks and business are closed on this day. There are strict restrictions on the selling of alcohol in Australia on Good Friday. No pubs provide services during this day. Public transport services stayed closed at all, people use their way of transport to travel on this day.