Car Air Compressor: Its Role in the Car’s Cooling System

An AC condenser plays a vital part in your car's air conditioning. It is not the air conditioner but a component of the system. Most people usually have this error when it comes to buying car parts or even keeping it. They purchase the system instead of just the condenser! So what's a condenser?

Condenser works together with other car parts to support the air conditioning system. We can, therefore, say that this part is in fact a team player. Other air conditioning components are a compressor, evaporator, expansion valve, and accumulator. You may find the top categories of car lightings from the web.

The air conditioning system and how a condenser works

To understand further how a condenser functions, you want to understand first how the whole cooling system does its job.

It begins with refrigerants. These refrigerants are vacuumed in by the compressor that later on pressurizes it to become hot. Following this step, the heated gas then passes the condenser which turns cooler. As it warms, it turns into the liquid.

Once this process is done, the expansion valve regulates the flow of the cold refrigerants so the coldness of the conditioning process is manageable.

Fixing the car condenser

To always be sure that your automobile condenser is always performing at its best, cleaning it is not enough. In addition, you have to check if there's a need to repair it.

Familiarizing yourself with the air conditioning procedure and parts will help more in checking for damages or corrosion. While air conditioners may still work after years since the car was first purchased, you want to remember that its parts are also prey to rust and dirt. You need to check the condenser tubes for corrosion although evaporators are usually the victim of such a difficulty.

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