Types, Uses and Means of Water Transport


There are three ways of transportation known to the mankind. These are land transport, air transport and water transport. For the land transport we use various automobiles like cars, bikes, truck, Lorries, buses etc. For the Air transportation it is airplanes, helicopters. Water transport is very common in the countries having a coastal line hence boats and ships become an integral part of the transportation. There are many types of boats, few are as follows;

  • Deck Boats- Deck boats are generally midsize party boat. These are 25 to 35 feet long with ample seating space and has an open deck with a V-shaped hull for enhanced performance.
  • Sail Boats- Sailboats are such models that rely on a mast and sails to navigate the water by the winds. Getting to know how to rig the sail just right can definitely come with its own learning curve. The easy open-air feeling of a sailboat ride is hard to replicate be it on deck boat or a fishing boat. Few types of sailboats include keelboats, dinghies, and multihull.
  • Dinghies- Small, low-maintenance boats that is most commonly powered by oars, sails, or a small outboard engine is known as dinghies. It measures approximately 7 to 12 feet in length, larger boats often pull or carry dinghies on board for emergency transport back to shore or as a safety boat.

These various types of boat are made up of different material; however aluminium boat manufacturers in Australia are experts in their field and offer the best.

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