How To Treat Your Neck Pain After An Auto Accident

Neck injuries are found very painful and disruptive, especially when it is caused by an auto accident. Neck pain or whiplash injuries are most commonly caused by rear-ends collision.

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Some of the common symptoms of neck pain or whiplash are

• Fatigue

• Dizziness

• Pain

• Weakness

• Sleeplessness

• Headaches

Some of these symptoms can take weeks or months before presenting themselves.

Ways to treat your neck pain after an auto accident

• Cold Therapy

You can apply either a bag full of ices cubes or a bag of frozen food along with the towel lies between skin and ice bag, for 24 hours will help you to reduce inflammation.

While lying on one side apply ice after 20 minutes of interval.

• Heat Therapy

This therapy will help you to relax your muscles by just applying dry or moist heat to the affected area.

• Do Neck exercises

With the help of neck exercises, your pain will be relieved. You should turn your head and look over the right shoulder then hold and rest, repeat it over an alternate shoulder.

• Chiropractor and Therapist

It has been observed that chiropractic adjustments offer excellent relief on neck injuries.

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