Iaso Tea – Ultimate Natural Remedy for Constipation

If you are experiencing some difficulty in transferring feces then you are constipated. You are also considered constipated when its goes more than 3 days and nights to excrete feces. The longer it requires the harder the feces will be.

That is a universal problem that impacts over fifty percent of the populace. For more information about the total life changes iaso tea, you can check out via the web.

For some, it happens seldom, to others it Occurs regularly and a few this can be a daily continuous have difficulties. Whatever your problem is, there's always a solution. You aren't alone.


  • You'll know you are constipated when you have;
  • Hard or small items of stool
  • Fewer bowel motions
  • Swollen abdomen
  • Abdominal pain
  • Straining bowel motions
  • Sensing like everything didn't turn out


There are many factors behind constipation however, many are more prevalent. These include;

  • Irritable colon Syndrome
  • Too many dairy products
  • Antacid medicine which contain calcium mineral and aluminum
  • Change of diet
  • Dormant lifestyle
  • Lack of satisfactory water and fiber in what you eat
  • Pregnancy
  • Detoxifying: Best Remedy

Although there are several known remedies to ease constipation, natural methods are always safe and an improved alternative to over-the-counter drugs.

However, it's important to notice that the challenge with constipation is deep inside your abdominal area. Detoxing will eliminate out the contaminants hence better digestion and easy passage of stool.

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