Several Important Reasons For Hiring A DUI Attorney

Every government in the world has their own set of rules and laws to help their citizens be protected from another and from outside forces. These are made to hinder criminal activities from happening and to ensure the safety of everybody living in their nation. They are also created to promote peace and order within the community and avoid chaos.

These include having a set of traffic rules and regulations which people must follow when they drive and those pedestrians who are just walking on the street. Their purpose is to make sure everyone is safe and to prevent accidents from happening there. That is why if you were caught driving under the influence of intoxicating substances then you will need the assistance of a DUI attorney in Fairfield CA has.

The law prohibits citizens from driving when they have drunk alcoholic drinks or have taken illegal and intoxicating substances. These include dangerous drugs which can affect the mental state of a person making it more unsafe for them to drive. There is a high chance of you causing an accident when intoxicated by these things.

But you may have gone to an event or party where they serve alcoholic beverages and did not notice that you drank too much than what is legally allowed. The better option for this situation to have someone else drive you home or to call a taxi cab. But you might have thought you could still do it yourself like you normally do.

But fortunately for the other people, though unfortunately for you, the police may have noticed your erratic driving patterns on the road. Or you were unlucky enough to run into a checkpoint where they stop every vehicle to check everyone riding on it. So they will perform a breathing test on you to determine the percent of alcohol in your body.

Your blood alcohol content should be less than . 08 percent and if you surpassed this limit, they are going to give you a ticket for DUI. If you think they were wrong, specially when you have not drunk any alcoholic beverages within the day or yesterday then you might want to contest it. Though you may have gotten it from other ways.

So you would need the assistance of an attorney to help you contest this charge against you. Doing so is important because you may face suspension of your drivers license. Or the worse possibility of this is having your license confiscated which means you now are unable to drive a vehicle.

Or if you were actually guilty of the violation, your attorney might be able to help you with pleading for a lesser punishment. This is done by negotiating to have you charged with a lesser violation instead so you would receive a lighter punishment. And the negative points recorded on your license is also smaller.

Having an attorney to assist you with this court procedure is very helpful. Your chances of getting convicted in a lesser violation is very small without them. And it will be years before you might be able to drive again if convicted of a DUI charge.

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